Paint & Panel Preservation Film

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Invisgard Vehicle Protection

Keeping Your Vehicle - "Forever Young"

What is INVISIGUARD Paint Protection & Why Install?

INVISIBLE/ULTRA CLEAR - Invisiguard is a near invisible, exceptionally tough, clear paint protection film created to reduce minor damage.

PROTECTS - Your vehicle’s paintwork is exposed on a daily basis; on the road, in car parks and harsh weather conditions. Invisiguard will protect against scratches - stone chips - weathering - road damage.

REMOVABLE - Invisiguard is intended to be permanent, however if it becomes damaged or worn it can be removed without damage to your car’s paintwork.

NO COLOUR CHANGE - Invisiguard is guaranteed to stay clear, not crack & has non-yellowing properties direct from the USA.

HIGHLY TRAINED INSTALLERS - Our installers have been highly trained & certified to ensure your invisiguard is correctly installed for maximum visual appeal and unrivalled protection.

DOOR CUPS - Helps protect against jewellery and fingernail scratches.

DOOR EDGES - Protects against chips and scrapes .

BOOT LEDGE - Protection when loading and unloading luggage, tools, animals etc.

BONNET/BUMPERS/SKIRTS - Protects against chips, scrapes & stains.

Invisiguard has been Manufactured using state of the art technologies and top quality raw materials from the USA

Suitable for Cars Motorbikes Trucks Vans etc

Wear & Tear Kit

  • 2 x Door Cups
  • 2 x Door Edges
  • 1 x Bumper Ledge (10cm)


Standard Kit

  • 2 x Door Cups
  • 2 x Door Edges
  • 2 x Door Sills
  • 1 x Bumper Ledge (10cm)


Extreme Kit

  • 4 x Door Cups
  • 4 x Door Edges
  • 4 x Door Sills
  • 2 x Mirrors
  • 1 x Bumper Ledge (10cm)
  • 1 x Bonnet Edge (30-50cm)


Individual Options Available On Request

Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q) Will INVISIGUARD alter the appearance of my car?

(A) Definitely not, INVISIGUARD will protect your car for years and remain virtually invisible.

(Q) Can INVISIGUARD be washed and waxed?

(A) Yes you may and should wash and wax your vehicle as normal however take care of the edges of the film when doing so.

(Q) If I sell my car or if the film becomes damaged can it be removed or replaced?

(A) INVISIGUARD can be safely removed or replaced without leaving residue, leaving your car looking as good as the day you bought it.