Vehicle Fabric Protection

Ceramic PRO Fabric Protection is the ULTIMATE in Fabric Protection for your Vehicles Interior Surface.

Why Choose Ceramic PRO Fabric Protection??

SUPER HYDROPHOBIC - Ceramic PRO Fabric is the most Super Hydrophobic coating on the market. It will create a hydrophobic protective layer on your vehicle’s fabrics and carpet, repelling liquids and resisting stains ... liquids simply bead off.

PROTECTS EVERY FIBRE - Adheres and penetrates each individual fabric/carpet fibre, creating a powerful defence against unsightly stains and spills.

INVISIBILY MODIFIES THE TEXTILE SURFACE - When liquids come in contact with Ceramic PRO Fabric it causes the liquid to form & bead which in turn amazingly rolls right off the top of the fibres/fabric.

EASY TO MAINTAIN - Wipe away soils and spills easily with a clean damp cloth. Dust and dirt can be easily vacuumed away keeping the textile completely dry.

We ALSO Offer Ceramic PRO Interior Coatings Offer Protection For:

Interior Plastic Surfaces

Interior Leather Surfaces


Utes $199

Sedans $350

SUV $395

4WD $495

USED CAR PRICES: P/O/A – please call 03 5977 0878