Vehicle leather Protection

Our CERAMIC PRO range of aftermarket products are in a league of their own


Why Install Ceramic PRO Leather Protection??

PROTECTS - Ceramic PRO Leather Protection offers a Super Hydrophobic Effect which means liquids and harsh chemicals will bead up and roll off instead of soaking and damaging the leather, also preventing colour transfer from clothing.

PRESERVES - Will deeply condition and nourish your leather preserving its longevity leaving a beautiful finish.

UV RESISTANT - Protects your leather from harmful UV rays.

EASY TO CLEAN/MAINTAIN - Simply wipe with a damp cloth for spills.

NATURAL FEELING - It will not affect the look or the feel of the leather in any way keeping your leather soft and luxurious.

Don’t Pay Aftermarket Prices – Ceramic Pro Leads The Way


Utes $199

Sedans $350

SUV $395

4WD $495