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Platinum Paint Protection!

Top Tint's Platinum Paint Protection

Top Tint’s Six Star Platinum Paint Sealant / Paint Protection, is Australia’s ultimate in car care technology.

Our revolutionary Platinum Paint Sealant / Paint Protection is a technologically advanced, superior sealant that is specifically designed to protect and seal your cars' paint surface, enhancing its brilliant colour, luster and shine.

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Fabric Protection

Top Tint’s Five Star FABRIC PROTECTION is a unique heavy-duty industrial grade protectant.

Its unique blend of ingredients adheres to each individual fabric and carpet fibre creating a powerful defence against unsightly stains.

The "once only" application is designed to strengthen and maintain that “factory fresh new car look and feel”.

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Rain Repellent

AQUAPEL Rain Repellent System causes rain to 'bead' and roll off glass, dramatically enhancing your driving vision in the rain, both Day and Night

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